You have chosen to switch to the 3D Virtual Globe view

For proper work of the 3D view, your computer must run Java Runtime, version 1.5.07 or superior. A reasonably recent graphics card is also required
Finally, it is best to benefit from a correct internet bandwidth (128kbits/s should be considered as a minimum)
Do you still want to switch to 3D view ?

If you don't have Java installed on your computer, or version is older than 1.5.07 it is almost certain the virtual globe will not work. You can download a recent version of Java, or come back to the 2D mode, that do not require technical prerequisites.

First load fo the virtual globe

During the virtual globe's first load, you may have to wait for a little while: indeed, the software loads over internet. The whole volume of the application is just less than 3 Mb. This volume will only be downloaded once, and then, stocked in your computer's cache for a while. So, next times, the load will be much quicker

To give an idea the approximate loading time will be about 30s for a 100kb/s bitrate, 2.5 minutes with a 20kb/s rate, and 5 minutes with a bitrate of 10kb/s (considering true bitrates)

Naviagation in the virtual globe

The easiest to move in the virtual globe is to use the mouse:

The image is blurred !

It is possible, especially during your first visit, that the image stay blurred for a time, while the virutal globes downloads the elevation data, and coverage images over the SASS
Here again, the images are stored in the cache, and all the data already loaded will be re-used at your next visit, making your navigation faster