Network of Experts for Joint Monitoring of Land Degradation in Africa

Professionals, experts and managers of natural resources, want to exchange your information, share your knowledge and consolidate your achievements in terms of land degradation/restoration in Africa ? Join our network and be part of the establishment of the continental land degradation mapping and monitoring service.


Aware of the impacts of land degradation on the African continent, representatives of the AUC, EU, UNCCD, FAO, OSS, CILSS/AGRHYMET, ICPAC, RCMRD, CSE, SASSCAL, AfriGEO, JRC, CICOS, CSIR, CURAT, NBA, BNET, and the Ministry of Water and Forests of Côte d'Ivoire, met in Octobre 2022 in Abidjan, under the continental technical workshop, with a view to finding the best solutions to this challenge. They all agreed on the relevance of setting up « One continental Service or Window » for monitoring land degradation, covering the African continent (including the islands).

During this workshop, the following recommendations were made :

  • Build on the achievements and products developed for LD monitoring, in particular the MISLAND platform ;
  • Take into account the diversity of the African regions and ecosystems ;
  • Set up a network of experts to make sure knowledge is shared and support the development of this service.

  • The workshop came up with the following slogan :

    “Together, let’s make GMES&Africa and space technologies an innovative tool in the fight against land degradation and socio-economic development in Africa. Let us keep hope and let us work hand in hand to preserve our lands and make the future of our continent a better one.”
    Abidjan, October 7, 2022.


Concept note

Interactive map of experts by country

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